Cage Theory: Healthy Joints for Active Lives

Cage Theory

Cage Theory is designed to strengthen, repair and revitalize joint health.

Cage Theory is a new way to look at fitness – concentrating on the joints instead of the muscles. The top layer of muscles hold all the power, but the small attachments on the inside – tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and small muscles – are much more important for injury prevention and pain-free movement. Cage Theory demonstrates how you can strengthen and maximize the power of these small parts one joint cage at a time. Cage Theory: because no-one should have to live with chronic pain and recurring injuries.

The Cage Theory Story

I grew up in a family that valued math, science, and education above (almost) all else. There wasn’t much room for the arts, which is where my inclination was. At age 4, I began taking dance classes. It was an indulgence and an acceptable activity “for a girl” in the 70s. I was hooked instantly. But I still lived in a math and science world. At age 9, figure skating was added to the mix. I was hooked on that, too. But I still lived in a math and science world.
I don’t think I could articulate the conflict in my youth, but I had to find a way to reconcile my passions (a very non-mathish concept, if there ever was one) with those things that were valued in my family. Body mechanics and a desire to understand all the forces at work in dance and skating became the answer. Later, I shifted to fitness and nutrition and kept the same desire to study and learn and understand.

Cage Theory can help with chronic pain

Eventually, I realized that the knowledge I had gained was not common. I began working with people who had chronic pain to strengthen problem areas, stop knees from aching, and improve balance. I don’t have secret knowledge; I do have a lifetime of understanding and learning -both formal and informal – and a vast list of resources and references to pull from. My experience allows me to strip out the bells and whistles and focus on the basics of joint and muscle health. The basics are too often overlooked, and people suffer for having missed a step.

Cage Theory breaks down the components of healthy joints in an easy-to-understand format, outlines common mistakes and injuries, and explains detailed exercises for prevention and strengthening. (*This is not a substitute for physical therapy and is not appropriate for acute injuries. This system is designed for individuals who have been medically approved to begin an exercise program.)

Cage Theory can help you:

Live the life you deserve
  • Improve Balance
  • Speed Recovery
  • Prevent Injury
  • Relieve painful joints
  • Maintain or increase activity
  • Maintain independent living
  • Strengthen joint areas, including core
  • Improve agility and performance

The Cage Theory book walks you step by step through the joint cages with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to fully develop and strengthen each one.

Cage Theory: Healthy Joints for Active Lives

“This program saved my life.” – J.E. on Aging Balance

“Teresa takes the time to understand the whole person and applies her knowledge of body mechanics, along with nutrition and general wellness, to aid them in becoming their best self – for sport, play and life.” – Stephanie T.

“I have taken classes from Teresa for many years…I remember she would stop teaching and go over to students who may not be using the weight correctly and show us the proper way to use them…and explain ‘why.’ One time she actually videoed me to show me what I was doing wrong in order to not overdo my knees…We exercise each joint in our body – I had no idea how many stretches in our feet. She helps us with balance which is essential at my age of 76. Lots of times we have a moment and Teresa will explain the why’s to the exercise. I’ve learned so much from Teresa; you ask her a question about why we do it this way and she has the answer – she knows because she does the research.” – Judy K.

“Keeps this ‘aging body’ pretty healthy!” – Nancy M.

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BONUS #1 – Guided Meditation with Positivity Underlays
A 15 minute guided meditation designed to create a state of relaxation and positive energy. This is complete with an underlay track of positive messaging. So, get comfortable, and prepare to welcome serenity and positivity into your life.

BONUS #2 – Two full-color reminder charts in to post on your refrigerator or wherever you need a little help getting motivated to be pro-active about health and wellness. Think Nutrient Density outlines healthy food choices, and Get Up and Move gives you 12 ways to add activity to your life without exercising, because daily choices create healthy habits.B

BONUS #3 – A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga
This book is an excellent resource to begin your yoga journey. This outlines history, different disciplines, equipment, misconceptions, and all the basics you need to get started.

BONUS #4 – The Power of Looking Through a Different Lens
This audio compilation shares timeless stories from across cultures and centuries to give a new perspective to our daily lives.

BONUS #5 – Fantastic Organic Food Facts
This book explores the benefits of organic food for consumers, producers and the environment. Interesting facts in an accessible format.

BONUS #6 – Harnessing the Power of Gravity to Work Through Problem Areas
This pdf explains the principles behind using gravity as a tool to help expand range of motion in stiff joints and gives specific examples of gentle stretch exercises.

BONUS #7 – Passport/Log Book
This Passport/Log Book for exercise and wellness helps you track your daily activity and evaluate progress through self-assessments.

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You can order Cage Theory today for only $24.95. This book comes with detailed explanations and dozens of illustrations that take you through two levels of full-body workouts for your joints cages, and all 7 bonuses listed above.

Cage Theory is designed to strengthen, repair and revitalize joint function.

Level 1 Cage Theory exercises are perfect for first time exercisers, people who are struggling to regain strength after an injury (not to be confused with physical therapy – this is for AFTER you have been medically approved to begin exercising), and injury prevention.

Level 2 Cage Theory exercises are designed to develop strength and agility and improve performance in activities and sports. Body mechanics stripped down to the basic building blocks and served up in easy-to-swallow bites.

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Cage Theory: Healthy Joints for Active Lives

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