Teresa’s Bio

Hello! I am Teresa Landry, and this is who I am…

Aging Balance family

I am raising two children in my hometown in rural New York. My children keep me centered and give me a reason to be the best person I can be. In another 10 or 15 years, I am sure they will tell me all the ways I could have been better, but we muddle through pretty well. Every day is a new adventure.

Teresa Landry
Have bike…will travel.

When my children are visiting with their father, I have been known to pack my bicycle with camping gear and food and take off for several days at a time. This is one of my favorite ways to recharge.

I have frequently been pushed into roles that didn’t suit me, usually at the insistence of someone who was concerned with “my best interests.” Life is full of people who are eager to manipulate you if you let them, and I was not good at standing up for myself back then. That’s a sure recipe for unhappiness, dissatisfaction and, often, physical illness. Two things sustained me through the good and bad times: physical activity and writing.

Teresa Landry

I have always been active, usually in solo activities so that I could disappear into myself and step away from outside forces. I grew up a competitive figure skater, and made it as far as the Eastern Championships where I competed against at least one future Olympian. I earned Gold test medals in Ice Dancing in both the United States and Canada. I also studied a variety of dance techniques, from classical to modern to ethnic. I began teaching both dance and skating at age 18, and started to transition to general fitness at age 22, with my first job in a fitness club. Within a few months, I was managing one of their branches, and fully immersed in fitness theory.

my debut novel

My life took some strange turns, though, and, through a round-about path, I ended up owning and operating a custom knife and leathercraft business for almost a decade. During that period, I started writing professionally as a freelancer for Blade Magazine. Since then, I have written two novels. Silent Tears is a young adult paranormal novel with an interesting twist on psychokinesis; and 7am Sauna is a women’s fiction novel about friendship and connections (I really needed those women in my life when I wrote it!). Now, of course, my writing skills are directed mostly toward fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness, with some freelance articles of varying topics.

Reflections on the ocean

My transition from focusing on fitness to overall wellness has been a mirror of my life. Being fit does not guarantee being healthy; fitness, although important, is only one aspect of health. At times in my life, I have been very “fit,” but not too healthy. As my focus has changed to include nutrition and environmental factors, my health and well-being have improved immensely. The most important step for me, and one I often see reflected in the people I work with, is self-love. This is self-esteem, self-confidence, and liking yourself wrapped up into one big concept.

Author Teresa Landry

Liking myself has been a hard-won battle, and I have had to change not only the way I think, but the way I act. The ironic part is that liking myself makes it easier to make positive choices in every aspect of life – which makes liking myself easier. On the back side of that logic, the less I liked myself (which was a direct result of trying to please other people), the harder it was to make positive choices that would pull me out of the cycle. Learning to like yourself in order to make positive choices in life has become a cornerstone of The Aging Balance System. I have worked with many people over the years, and self-love is one of the biggest factors of success.

Teresa & John

Liking ourselves is often easier with the help of others. I am fortunate to have a man in my life who truly believes in me. His faith, encouragement, and love have been instrumental to my success and personal development. I look forward to a lifetime of shared adventures with him.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Now, let me throw out a few fun facts to lighten things up.

Teresa Landry Aging Balance

After a couple false starts, I finally graduated from college with a BA in management and a concentration in English.

Teresa Landry grew up with entrepreneurs

I spent several of my formative years living in a motel. Not as a guest. My parents owned the motel for about 30 years. I could scrub toilets, make beds with hospital corners, and rent rooms in French or English long before I was a teenager.

Teresa Landry's 40th birthday present

My 40th birthday present to myself was jumping out of an airplane from 2 miles up…securely attached to an instructor. I have jumped once since then (also tandem) and, though the thrill is hard to match, I have no desire to throw myself out of an airplane solo…yet.

Teresa Landry - skydiving

I am part of an absurdly large extended family that actually keeps in touch. My family contact list is about 10 pages long and growing!

Teresa Landry as a skateboarder

I once finished dead last in a skateboarding competition as a kid. Not long after, I got a concussion falling off my beloved skateboard. After that, it was mandated that I wear my brother’s old hockey helmet. Wearing helmets was still a novel concept back then.

Dr. Seuss is my favorite author. The tweetle beetle section of Fox in Socks is my all-time favorite, and I regularly fix green eggs and green bacon (it’s easier to color than ham) for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. (March 2nd, if you’re wondering.)

Reading is a way of life for us

I dread the day when my children outgrow bedtime stories because it’s my favorite time of the day. We have advanced from picture books to story books to chapter books to historical fiction to pop fiction, but we keep reading. I have even read by flashlight while camping.

I occasionally do cartwheels in public to embarrass my children.

Emu alert: Teresa on skates

I am rediscovering the joy of silliness. I love any occasion that encourages dressing in costume or playing like a child (Thank you, New York State rest areas for installing playgrounds!). I even dressed like a giant bird for the Eastern Adult Figure Skating Championships and won a gold medal while grooving to the Wiggles’ tune, “Move Like an Emu.”

5K color run - a family event

My children have been the focus of my life for many years – both by choice and necessity. Now, much like the emu, it’s time for me to get up a lot of speed, spread my wings, and hope for the best.

Moving like an emu