About Aging Balance

Aging Balance is the ABCs of being well.

The mission of Aging Balance is to teach the basics of holistic wellness, which includes body mechanics, safe movement, sound nutrition, positive environmental factors and self-worth. All of these factors integrate to create a whole-body environment conducive to health.

As the founder and spokesperson for Aging Balance, I am committed to teaching the basics of wellness. Too often, I have seen people become discouraged and give up on exercise or diet programs because they skipped basic steps. Sometimes, one basic step is all that stands between you and success. The basics are not usually difficult, but they are frequently overlooked.

Mastering the basics of anything takes time and effort and repetition. The basics are not glamorous or sexy. Basics take time to learn and run counter to our instant-gratification society; but mastering the basics is worth every effort. Then, and only then, will the glamorous-flashy-sexy programs make sense and become an achievable possibility…if you decide that’s what you want.

I often think of The Aging Balance System as Pre-Gym, but it’s much more than that. This is a complete primer on the basics with all the tools needed for success. Cage Theory focuses entirely on joint health and safe movement, with two levels of exercises clearly explained and illustrated.

Author Teresa Landry

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Begin with basics…finish with freedom!

What does freedom mean to you? – Teresa Landry